Some videos i directed yo


This is one of my first video projects, a music video I made for my friend Jay Ripper on his laptop and in IMovie back in 2008:

Jay Ripper “Verbal 16″

A recent music video I directed:

Jedi Mind Tricks “Design In Malice” Feat. Young Zee & Pacewon Produced by Mr. Green

Me and my friend Mr. Green came up with this project Live from the Streets where we interview street musicians, sample their music and turn it into beats – check out some of our early episodes:

Mr. Green “Live from the Streets” featuring Brenda

Mr. Green “Live from the Streets” featuring Janice and Jus Allah

Mr. Green “Live from the Streets” featuring The Center City Singers & Vinnie Paz

When my girl Patti Mayo told me Rime was her favorite graffiti artist and that she wanted her trailer covered in his dog paintings I said let’s send him a video message:

Patti’s Trailer Pimping Plea

Rime saw the message and flew to New Jersey to paint Patti’s trailer park home.
I documented the festivities & the following went down:

Rime, Pimp My Trailer!

Rime & I recently directed this wild/bizzarre Art Basel film:

Miami Nights: Scandalous Times With Party People

We also did a “Live from the Streets” episode to go along with the film:

Mr. Green @ Art Basel ft. Rime, Wen, Chocolatte Lady and Mr. Do or Die

My friends over at Klughaus Gallery recently asked me to shoot a promo video for their show Palingenesis feat. Gorey and PAL crew. Sponsored by LRG, The video documents artist Gorey painting some truly amazing and detailed work

Palingenesis feat. Gorey & PAL Crew (Klughaus Pop-up Exhibition)

Various work for VICE

I’ve done a wide range of jobs for VICE in the last three years including directing, camera work, producing, associate producing, editing, assistant editing and research. One of the VICE projects I’m most proud of is Live from the Streets, which was picked up by them in 2012.

I’m currently producing the series with my homie and co-creator Mr. Green.
I also direct, shoot and edit each episode.

Check out a couple episodes:

Mr. Green “Live from the Streets” ft. Freddie Gibbs & Peruvian Pipers Espiritu Andino

Mr. Green “Live from the Streets” ft. Country, Pace won & Skrewtape

Mr. Green “Live from the Streets” ft. Malik B (of The Roots) & Kevin Brown

I’ve worked cutting trailers for VICE including this one for “Ground Zero: Syria”

Ground Zero Syria Trailer

I also cut these two episodes of Ground Zero: Syria

Under Fire for Bread in Aleppo

The Bombing of Aleppo’s Dar al-Shifa Hospital

This past summer I worked as a camera operator for the full season of Vans House Parties:

Vans House Parties: Toro Y Moi

Did some camera work for this Odd Future documentary

Did some camera work on this Bomba Estereo doc shoot